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To make sales you need a lot of traffic, and you need good traffic coming from proper keywords. That is what SEO is all about! Increase your website exposure with organic search engine optimization today.

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You can’t connect with customers if they don’t know you exist. Search Engine Optimization is all about making all roads lead to your business.

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Affordable Search Engine Optimization

It does not matter how attractive your website is, or how revolutionary its function is, any website is useless if people cannot find it. It simply isn’t enough to just create a web page, that page needs to receive a significant amount of daily traffic to make sales. Whether you have a business that is new to the internet or you own an existing web presence, you must take full advantage of the power of the search engines in order to survive in this highly competitive web-economy of today. As a business owner looking to take control of their web presence, you want the best and most professional seo services available. However, you do not want to break the bank with your advertising budget alone. In other words, you want the best seo services available at a fair and affordable price. You want a company that you can trust your business image with, and want to make sure they are fully committed to your success. Your website is important to you, and you want to place its ranking needs in the hands of a company that is dedicated to moving you into the number one spot, as well as maintaining the integrity and respect of your brand. Luckily you found SEO Sage, we strive to bring professional services to our clients at affordable and reasonable rates.


Search Engine Marketing

Anyone who owns a website for any reason, should be familiar with search engine marketing (SEM). Considering that the internet is driven almost entirely by searches, the major search engines should be the primary target of any website owner looking for exposure.

It is a fact that over 80% of all web traffic comes from searches using the top 3 search engines. Search engine marketing is the act of promoting your website to these search engines so that they raise your rankings, which in turn increases your visibility to people searching in your market.

Why Search Engine Optimization is Important

While there are many different forms of search engine marketing, such as PPC advertising or paid ad inclusion, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is and always will be the most popular choice for small business and personal websites, simply because it is the most economical and lasting form of marketing available. Organic Search Engine Optimization may be the most affordable of all marketing choices, but that does not mean it lacks any marketing power. In fact, quite the opposite is true, and SEO stands as the most important aspect of any online marketing strategy. It is the backbone of all your other marketing efforts, because when you rank for search terms that describe your product or service, people will be most inclined to buy from you.

Top rankings for the right phrases will target consumers who are in the “buying mood”, and who are most likely to have a true need for your services or products. The whole science of search engine technology itself is what drives online business today, so it is only logical to keep up with it. Utilizing the power of organic searches to drive visitors to your website is not just important these days, it is required in order to compete.


Professional SEO Services

SEO Sage is a company made up of people who enjoy the writing craft, and the challenge of getting websites to rank for competitive keywords. We work with businesses of all sizes and in all markets, offering our professional SEO services to website owners who care about their ranking and online image. We take special care in all of our link building to ensure that your links have lifelong lasting power. We only employ white hat SEO methods, and great care is taken with anything we write. It is no secret that in order to rank high in the search engines you need to diversify the links pointing to your website. It is also common knowledge that the search engines have a high regard for well written and informative content, both on the target site and on the pages pointing to that site. That is why we cover the whole spectrum of link building for our clients, and only write content that is compelling and useful.

Our goal is to provide our customers with only the best SEO services, content writing, keyword research, on page optimization, and customer service. We use proven methods and strategies to move your website up in rankings, and always tailor a unique strategy to meet your individual needs. The planning and implementation of an effective search engine optimization campaign takes a great deal of time and effort. We work hard when optimizing your web presence and writing the content for your links so you don’t have to.

I contracted SEO Sage to do the on page writing for my entire website. They wrote so well I was amazed, they wrote about my business (Concrete), even better than I could have done myself! I was overwhelmingly impressed, and am now a loyal customer for life!

Great Writing Skill — Scott Pardue

I had SEO Sage do the on page writing and optimization for my website worldwebguys. Their writing skill is second to none, and because of that I recommend them to all my clients, as well as use them on all my web design projects. I recommend their services to everyone looking for well written content, and off page link building.

my favorite writers — Allen N -

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Keyword research is the basis of all search engine marketing, and the most important step to having a successful web presence. We have extensive experience in this critical step, and can help you find the best keywords for your market.

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In order to move up in search engine rankings, a website needs other sites pointing to it in various ways. Backlinks are an important factor in ranking, and we build the best white hat, content rich links to your website.

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A link matrix is a series of different web properties that point to your main site, with supporting links pointing to those properties. This is best for customers who want to test our services, or who just need a little boost in ranking.

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The traditional practice of on page optimization still plays a vital role in the success of a website. We offer various services just for on page aspects. We offer services such as site analysis, marketing consultation, and page content editing.

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Some customers may need all of our search engine optimization services, so we offer affordable packages that include everything anyone may need. All of our packages include keyword research, on page SEO, and backlinking.

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We take great pride in our writing, and everything we write is thoroughly researched. We are able to write about anything a customer may need written. This service is meant for those who need writing for any reason, not just for websites or SEO.

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We cover the full spectrum of organic search engine ranking, and offer comprehensive strategies for total optimization. Whether you are looking to improve the page optimization of your website or want to begin to build premium off page links to improve keyword rankings, we cover it all with our various services and packages.

If you are in need of professional SEO services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Also for your benefit we have created a free customer guide that teaches the basics of search engine marketing. We hope you find it most helpful, it is in PDF format as a download below.

Customer Guide to SEO